ITP Thermal accesses expertise from all of the ITP Energised group companys. The key individuals are:

ITP Thermal Full time staff


Keith Lovegrove is the Managing Director of ITP Thermal. He has 30 years of experience in renewable energy R&D and analysis combined with 15 years of teaching experience in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Energy Systems and Systems Engineering. He was previously the leader of the Solar Thermal Group at the Australian National University. In that role he was the lead inventor and design and construction team leader of the 500m2 Big Dish solar concentrator.  He is Australia’s alternative executive committee representative at the IEA SolarPACES program, a member of the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology advisory board and serves on the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s advisory panel.


Kalirajan Urkalan is a Senior Engineer with ITP Thermal. He has over 13 years of experience in design and engineering of multidisciplinary energy systems. He has previously worked in Manufacturing and EPC companies on projects in India & Sri Lanka the Middle East & Africa. Kalirajan is a Certified Energy Manager with AEE, USA and has experience in conducting energy efficiency audits and retrofitting industrial process systems. He has also worked in a large scale grid connected power project and has knowledge of industrial design codes such as ASME, API and TEMA. He is also a Registered Engineer with Board of Professional Engineers, Queensland and a Chartered Professional Engineer with Engineers Australia.

Thermal experts in other ITP Energised Group companies


David Fernandez is a Principal Project Engineer with ITPEnergised based in Madrid Spain. He is the point of contact for ITP Thermal activities in Europe. With 15 years of international experience in the energy sector. He has contributed to the development of solar thermal roadmap studies, solar thermal process heat feasibility studies and technical assessment of concentrator prototypes. He also has  worked as an R & D Engineer on fuel cells (Daimler Chrysler and Xcellsis). See more on David’s experience at the listing on the ITPEnergised site.


Josh Jordan is a senior engineer with ITP Renewables and has worked on many thermal projects. He has worked on large-scale renewable energy projects in Australia and throughout the Pacific for over 8 years. He specialises in photovoltaic, solar thermal, battery storage, and diesel generator technologies, cost structures, projects, and integration. See more on Josh’s experience at the listing on the ITP Australia site.

FlorC Flor Clavin is a senior consultant with ITPEnergised, based in Bueno Aires Argentina. Flor is the coordinator of ITP Thermal projects in Latin America. She conducted her MSc thesis with support from the National Technological University, Argentina, and the ETHZ (Zurich, Switzerland) on Concentrated Solar Power feasibility for Argentina. See more on Flor’s experience at the listing on the ITPEnergised site.

ZhuLiZhu Li is based between the UK and China and coordinates ITP Thermal projects in China. She is an energy economist with 14 years working experience on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in both China and UK. She has been involved with the Asian and Development Bank as the International Financial Expert for the Capacity Development Technical Assistance for Concentrated Solar Power in China. She has carried out a wide range projects in China for international agencies such as the World Bank, UNDP, ADB, and bilateral agencies such as FCO, Danida and GTZ. Before she joined IT Power in the UK she worked the Energy Research Institute, National Development & Reform Commission in China.

JoseJosé Zapata, is a mathematical modeller and electrical engineer, and he leads ITP Analytics work on grid integration modelling. José has 15 years experience in automation and control of renewable energy systems. He has expertise in the design and commissioning of PLC based control systems and on the dynamic modelling, control and optimisation of energy systems. Prior to joining ITP, José was a research fellow at the Australian National University, where he worked on improving the efficiency of solar driven high temperature processes for power generation and the production of commodities. José has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (First Class Honours) from Universidad de Concepción and a PhD in Engineering from the Australian National University.

ITP Thermal Pty Ltd board members,

The ITP Thermal board comprises the Managing Director Keith Lovegrove along with:

StarrFrank Starr is Chair of ITP Thermal’s Board. He is the principal of the Australian accountancy firm Axonn Chartered  Accountants and has 35 years of experience consulting to a large variety of business enterprises. He has served on numerous private and public Boards and has been an adviser to the  Australian National University on the commercialisation of their 500 square metre Big Dish solar concentrator.


David Nickols is based in London and is also a director of ITPEnergised and chairs the boards of IT Power Australia and IT Power India. He also serves as a non-executive director for other companies in the UK, Denmark and the Middle East. He joined ITPEnergised in 2013, and has 35 years of experience with consulting and EPC companies in the water and energy sectors, working globally. See more on David’s experience at the listing on the ITPEnergised site.


Simon Franklin is the managing director of IT Power (Australia) Pty Ltd and has over ten years’ experience in the Australian energy sector. He has worked on large and commercial scale grid-connected photovoltaic PV systems, hybrid off-grid power stations, financial modelling, energy efficiency audits and PV system performance modelling. Simon is an experienced project manager and has a strong background in renewable energy. See more on Simon’s experience at the listing on the ITP Australia site.


Joe Wyder is Principal Policy Analyst, Remote Renewable Energy Energy Industry Development, Energy Policy with the Western Australian Government. He was previously Projects Manager at ITP Renewables. Joe has extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, covering research, modelling, economics, regulations and integrating renewable generation into diesel powered mini-grids. His experience prior to ITP Renewables includes working within the Australian Government on energy market reform, the development of the Renewable Energy Target, as well as designing and delivering renewable energy programs.